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American Arborvitae
(Thuja occidentalis )

A handsome pyramidal evergreen with foliage varying from dark green to light green during growing season. A very hardy, easily transplanted evergreen that grows well in a variety of soils, but best in loamy moist soil. Excellent for screens and tall hedges. Easily sheared.

1AA0100 6-12 B Seedling 3-0 Out Of Stock Quantity:
1AA0101 3-6 inches  Seedling 2-0 In Stock Quantity:
1AA0102   Seedling  3-0 Out Of Stock Quantity:
1AA0104 6-12 inches  Transplant 2-2 In Stock Quantity:
1AA0105 18-24 inches  Transplant 2-3 In Stock Quantity:
1AA0111 24-30 inches  Transplant 2-3 In Stock Quantity:
1AA0114 12-18 inches   Transplant 2-2 In Stock Quantity:
1AAO221   Transplant  Out Of Stock Quantity: