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Norway Spruce
(Picea abies)

This graceful pyramidal has sharp, shiny, dark needles. Beautiful spreading branches with drooping twigs. An extremely hardy tree that is successful under most soil conditions. Makes a charming Christmas tree, an appealing ornamental specimen, or a protective windbreak. Fast growth makes the Spruce ideal for timber.

1NSO101 3-5 inches  Seedling 2-0 In Stock Quantity:
1NSO102   Seedling 3-0 Out Of Stock Quantity:
1NSO103   Seedling  Out Of Stock Quantity:
1NSO104 6-12 inches  Transplant 2-2 In Stock Quantity:
1NSO105 18-24 inches  Transplant 2-3 Out Of Stock Quantity:
1NSO114 12-20 inches  Transplant 2-2 In Stock Quantity:
1NSO128 5-12 inches  Seedling 2-0 In Stock Quantity:
1NSO159 24-36 inches  Transplant 2-3 Out Of Stock Quantity:
1NSO162   Transplant  Out Of Stock Quantity:
1NSO171   Transplant 2-2 Out Of Stock Quantity: