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Stop and admire the details in creation, and how unique each one is. We are busy with planting, maintaining, and producing that the greatness all around us is so often ignored. We are pleased to present to you plants for years of pleasure, profit, wonder, and comfort.

Keep on planting! Keep on growing! Keep on admiring!


We will strive to maintain our site so it is the best possible tool for your information and selections. Even with this catalog and the website, we still value your personal visit and phone calls the most.

Zone Hardy Map

We have included a Zone Hardy Map to assist you with your selections. Nothing changes like the weather. Every year we learn something new about a plant species we have been growing for years. Working with what the weather delivers is universal in the nursery industry.

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Stability of inventory is a challenge. Culturing plants from seed makes us dependent on the seed crops from natural sources which are influenced by weather, disease, labor, and politics. Since all our propagation is outdoors, we are also influenced by the forces of nature and how they affect growth and plant quality. We will continue to maintain as much stability as possible.


As we present our Wholesale Price List to you, we are reminded of how thankful we are for our customers. We appreciate all the comments you gave us about our catalog format and how useful it is for your planning. 

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Jack and Barbara Roburn

New Jersey

It was a pleasure to do business with you. We are very pleased with the seedlings, but most of all the wonderful service we received. 

Carl Goshorn

I want to thank you for being the friendliest person that I have talked to in years when conducting business transactions. Too many times customer service is forgotten and I appreciate the kindness and professionalism when calling Pikes Peak. Als the seedlings are pretty good.  

Cari Jane

Thank you so much for your help. Everything went great.

John Case

Just finished planting the new stock. Very pleased with the quality of these seedlings. Thanks for your good work.


Thank you for the setup at IRMC for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition Photo Display.  The plants were beautiful and added so much to the event. I appreciate your commitment and thoughtfulness in being willing to help out.


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Happy Customers


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It's all in how we grow.